russia, astrakhan. 2017


Project created by
-Nikita Khodak
-Nikita Khodak,
-Nedostup Aleksandr.

It is a story about the recent past. That one, when technologies already seriously stepped forward.
After the Internet appeared in a hand of everyone, people began to collect any data actively. Servers accumulate information on our expenditure from the credit card, calls, behavior on the Internet. Each place on Earth is not just a physic coordinates, but a set of different stories. This artwork - the fixing of the specific moment of the present time which immortalized it in the future.
Shooting from the satellite of Google, frames from the drone camera. Record of a voice of the girl speaking by phone. Her face will be recognized by a neural network, will define her personality or even mood. Her accounts from social networks will visually tell its personal story. Data are separated, chaotic, but in between it is possible to find communication.
The chronicle of each of us is written every second in a digital format, is absolutely imperceptible for us.

Monumental mural painting on 5 floor building. It was realized with assistance of the city administration within street-art festival "Chilim". Work has been performed by acrylic waterbased paint and aerosol spray with use of lifting special equipment. The author's sketch has been developed by result of shootings of this house from the quadrocopter and photoshooting of the local girl who has acted as the main character. The area of the drawing about 100 sq.m., term of realization wass 12 days.
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