Venezuela, Maracay. 2015


Worked on the project:
-Maxim Ivanov,
-Sergey Ovseykin.

"Each new project gives us the whole series of impressions. We were the first from Russian street-art artist to have an opportunity to visit Venezuela, the art residence where famous artists from all the world work. We had to paint a huge wall in the downtown, but by our arrival organizers haven't managed to hang up facade lift. As a result we were suggested to work in the suburb, in a ghetto with the corresponding surroundings. When we have chosen an object and tried to take photos of it, we were told that in this area it is dangerous even to show the camera — high crime rate. Scared by the place and people we nevertheless have started working. And everything had appeared absolutely differently. The people living in these slums were kind and open. All the five days while working there they treated us with national dishes, desserts and different drinks, even not to mention that they helped us to draw. By the end of work they have handed us different gifts: the baseball ball which was all covered with thanks signs, ancient coins, disks with Latin music. The same day evening a party in honor of the drawing was organized where all the residents of the area have gathered. These people, rich not with money but soul, have strongly impressed us. Particularly for such people we wish to do the honest art."

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