switzerland, Lugano. 2014.


Worked on the project:
-Artem Stefanov,
-Sergey Ovseikin.

ZUKCLUB paints lugano skatepark as a working sundial.
1000 square meter pool renovated as a skate park in lugano, switzerland has been painted with vibrant colors and complex patterns by moscow-based art group zuk club.

A spectrum of hues is tagged onto the interior of the bowl, canvassing the skate surface in geometric and gradient designs. drawn onto one end of the pool, a rainbow of colors is layered onto the concrete — the specific arrangement and its relationship to the environment around it incorporates a functioning sundial into the configuration.
Black and white lines curve around the undulating waves that swoop around the space, while a sunflower-like design fits into one of the pool's deep gaps. skaters can enjoy the full spectrum of red-colored tones as they glide around one of the bends, as a gradient fades from crimson to pink.

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