Solo exhibition by :
-Sergey Ovseykin.

Stranger Things
A solo exhibition by Sergei Ovseikin / ZUKCLUB
Deus gallery, Indonesia, Bali.

Humanity, it's who we are, it's what we are. But take a second and ask yourself, how much do we really know about it?

What really are the motives behind our actions? Delve deep inside yourself when asking the question and if you were brutally frank, you'll more than likely be served up an uncomfortably honest answer.

What considerations come into effect when a person makes a decision? Study the mental machinations that spin into play. There is never just one thing, instead, you'll find a galaxy of different sized factors orbiting each other influenced by their relationship and importance.

Humanity has been fine tuning a system of cultural existence, the principles of which have remained the same since stone age time. The rich & powerful, in government and those behind the corporations, seek to kill off the weak and drain & train the strong. A vertical relationship that has pushed humanity to the point where we stand on the precipice of self-destruction.

This exhibition is the germ of the idea for different decisions. Though dialogs like these, the hope is, change will blossom and as it grows, humanity will alter the sway the different orbiting bodies have on each other, the resulting shifts giving rise to different answers for the decisions that are being made. Through us, there is hope.

Sergei Ovseikin is a graphic designer and Russian street artist. Since 2002, Sergei has been an active member of 'ZUKCLUB,' the creative association of Moscow street artists within whose ranks he gained much notoriety and acclaim.

Street art is defined as a dialogue between the artist and the street passers-by. This art transcends the walls of museums and galleries. It is a form of self-expression that brings art to everyone, everywhere. People are no longer confined to one simple environment. Perhaps this is the secret to its current success.

Over the past few years, as Sergei's talents matured and his interests and influences broadened, he has moved away from solely doing graffiti based murals, adopting different techniques, mediums and media to explore his personal stories and musings of humanity and is now more widely recognised as an artist.

Currently, Sergei Ovseikin is participating in several special projects within which he performs various roles. Occasionally he serves as a curator and a critical expert for both graffiti and modern art.
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